Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Garnier BB cream review.

I've decided to start a little product review blog as I love buying new beauty products regularly so I thought it would be nice to have somewhere to share my thoughts on them! I have lots more to add as there are a lot of products I'm dying to review but I won't bombard you with them all at once, I'll try to spread them out a little!

The first product I'm going to review is the Garnier BB cream.

I decided to buy this after a couple of friends started using it and they recommended it to me. I tried out my flatmates in 'light' and I was really impressed by it so that's when I decided to get myself a bottle! I decided to get the 'medium' colour as I thought I would mostly use this for heavy coverage on nights out (under foundation) but I have since found that it provides great coverage on its own and I tend to use it more during the day just with powder over the top. In retrospect I should probably have got the lighter colour and I'm actually considering buying another tube of it in 'light' as I'm really impressed with the actual product. I think it gives excellent coverage and looks fine to wear on its own even though its more of a tinted moisturiser than a foundation. I tend to have quite oily skin which is why I use powder over the top to minimise shine, however I think for people with dryer skin it could be used alone and it would be sufficient.

Overall I'm really impressed with this product and I would definitely recommend it! I only paid £7 for it which isn't too bad, I think it generally retails around £9.99 but it was on offer at asda when I bought it!

Hope this review has been helpful! jess xo