Monday, 28 November 2011

MAC blusher review.

A few months ago I decided to buy MAC sheertone blush in 'pink swoon'.

I love bright pink blushers so I absolutely love the colour of this and I had wanted it for ages! It is a really lovely colour which I can't fault however I find that I have to apply several coats of it before getting the result I want. With just one or two sweeps there isn't enough coverage, so although I do love the colour I find this quite annoying, especially since it retails at around £12.99, as I have used quite a lot of it already and it's because I have to apply so much every time!

Although I do really like this blush, I think it is slightly overpriced considering there are a lot of similar ones available. For example I have tried this blush by 17 (at Boots) before and I was pretty impressed with it and it doesn't require as many 'coats' as the MAC blush. I have also tried a blusher by the make 'Image' but couldn't find a photo of it online however that is a very similar shade to the 'pink swoon' and I feel that it applies a lot better!

Thanks for reading :-) jess xxx


  1. Ha, that's weird, I have to use my pink swoon with a light hand, otherwise I end up looking like Miss Piggy haha xxx

  2. really? i find that i have to use absolutely loads! My flatmate also has it and she has to use lots as well! That is weird! xx

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