Thursday, 17 November 2011

Asda 'young skin' matte finish moisturiser review.

A while ago when I was shopping in Asda I spotted  this moisturiser and decided to try it as I was in need of one and didn't have much money so thought I'd try a cheap one.. It only costs £1.00 which is an absolute bargain! I wasn't expecting much from it, I just needed a moisturiser to last me for a while until I bought a better one, but I was pleasantly surprised by it!

The main reason I chose this is because it promised a 'matte finish' and I tend to suffer from oily skin, so usually most moisturisers make my face greasy. This is probably the best moisturiser I've used as it leaves my skin feeling amazing.. Really velvety and not greasy at all. It dries fast and leaves a nice silky smooth effect.

However, I wouldn't recommend this for any other skin types other than oily skin as it would probably dry out the skin too much. Although this leaves a really nice effect and soft feeling on the skin I don't feel that it's very moisturising. Nevertheless I'm still impressed with it and it's a really good product considering the price! 

Hope this has been helpful :-) jess xxx

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