About me

I'm jess, i'm 22 and I'm from Manchester, UK :)
I'm not a morning person, at all. Anyone who knows me will definitely vouch for this.
I graduated from uni this summer and I'm currently trying to make it in the real world.. i don't like being a grown up so far, I kind of miss my student days! (i definitely miss my student loan anyway!)
I've been with my boyfriend Dave for over 5 years and still very much loved up (most of the time!) ♡ 

I love cosy nights in, cosy knitwear, cups of coffee.. everything about autumn / winter really!

I absolutely love trying out new makeup and beauty products (self confessed addict).. and genuinely spend the biggest percentage of my money on beauty products.
I made this blog to share my views on products and get other bloggers views and tips! I'm always looking to try new things :)
You can see my everyday makeup routine here, and my everyday skincare routine here.

If you want to get in contact with me for whatever reason you can leave a comment on my blog, or email me at jwilliams90@live.com. alternatively you can tweet me @jwillsx, which is probably the best way to get a response as I'm always tweeting!

Enjoy my blog :) and thanks for stopping by xxx

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  1. hi.fazal
    i need suggestion and ideas for my cosmetics Business :)


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