Thursday, 1 November 2012

Week (or two) in photos!

Sorry I've been lacking in posts a little this week, I've been so busy! Started my new job on monday so I've been training everyday this week. Today is the 6th day in a row I've worked, and I still have 2 more to go (as I've still got my weekend job too!). So on saturday that will be 8 days in a row.. I know some people are used to working that much but I'm not used to it at all! But i have a day off on sunday thankfully! Then starting it all over again on monday.. god knows when my next day off will be after that! Okay i'm blabbing on a bit now.. Basically my point is.. I haven't got much time to take photos because it's dark by the time i get home :( but i will try and find more time when I get into more of a routine! For the time being i thought i'd share some instagram photos to show what I've been up to lately (apart from all the boring work stuff!). sorry it's mostly pictures of food and my boyfriend as I haven't had time to do much else recently! I'll try and get some reviews and stuff done soon when i get chance; i have a couple of ideas in mind for posts including an empties post which I haven't done before! 

01. cute 'keep calm' cushions in primark, I want them all! // 02. thai noodle soup! // 03. congratulations card from the boyf :) // 04. boyfriend concentrating hard on his game, n'aww. // 05. chicken salad at frankie and bennys, which was highly disappointing. // 06. love these two little nob'eads! // 07. pumpkin carving! // 08. soppy hand holding photo.. // 09. gingerbread latte body butter, it's so yummy! // 10. my boyf. // 11. barbie pink nails! // 12. my first day of work!

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