Thursday, 22 November 2012

L'Oreal Rouge Caresse Lip Butter.

I love these lip butters! They are so moisturising. very similar to the Revlon Colourburst lip butters. But for some reason I prefer these L'oreal ones! I find them to be longer lasting and more moisturising. I've had this in the colour Cheeky Magenta for a few months now and have been loving it. I usually wear it on nights out.. its a lovely bright pink colour that is so pigmented and lasts ages. So i decided to get a couple more colours from the range because I was so impressed with it. I chose Lovely Rose and Nude Ingenue.

I chose these colours as they are more subtle so I thought they'd be perfect for everyday wear. I've worn the nude one everyday for work since I got it, it's perfect for everyday use and just gives a nice bit of colour to the lips without looking too overpowering. I really love the baby pink colour too, it's a gorgeous shade (again without looking too bright). As you can see from the swatches they are very pigmented despite being a lip butter, and like i mentioned above they are really moisturising too. These little lip butters are honestly great, I can't fault them. If you haven't tried them yet you should definitely get your hands on some! 

Just to summarise what I love about these:
  • Super moisturising.
  • Lovely range of colours.
  • Really pigmented colour that lasts ages.
  • Not too pricey.
  • Sleek gold packaging with helpful colour sample on bottom.

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