Monday, 12 November 2012

Sally Hansen.

I've tried a few different Sally Hansen products and i think they can be really hit and miss. Some things I've tried i have really liked, and some have been awful. I thought I'd talk about a couple of products I didn't like.. first of all the 'No chip' Acrylic top coat. This has to be one of the worst top coats I've ever used! I was counting on it being chip resistant, but it actually seems to make my nail varnish chip more when i wear this? It's weird! i've given it a few chances now and it's so disappointing. I think i paid around £6.00 for this so I was a bit gutted that it doesn't seem to work, and doesn't do what it claims. It does give a really nice finish when it's first applied (super shiny), but it really does seem to make my nails chip more than usual!? Secondly, the cuticle massage cream. I found this pretty disappointing too. it was quite hard so it wasn't really like a cream if that makes sense? I found it hard to actually 'massage' into my cuticles as it was quite hard and almost felt rubbery. However it does smell gorgeous (it contains apricot oil)! I suppose it did make my cuticles feel softer, but i've definitely tried better cuticle treatments so I don't think it's anything to write home about!

Don't get me wrong, I've tried other Sally hansen products in the past and really liked them; for example the Diamond strength shine top coat. This top coat actually did help to prevent chipping and made my nails really shiny. Has anyone else been disappointed with Sally Hansen products? I think they can be very hit and miss judging by my experience! Some of the products seem overpriced and don't seem to work, yet some of them are worth the money and do work well. I'd be interested to hear about other people's experiences with this brand! let me know in a comment.

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