Sunday, 18 November 2012

Schwarzkopf got2b Powderful Volumising styling powder.

Sorry that Ive been slacking with my blogging this week, real life is getting in the way! I've been so so so busy i've barely had a moment to myself. Been working 7 days a week, this is my first day off in 15 days so I'm very grateful for it. I have loads of things I'm eager to talk about but it's just finding the time now! I might queue another post today for later this week while ive got a bit of time. This week has been the most hectic ever, it was the first week starting my new job properly after my training. Then I had a training course for some volunteering I'm doing which is quite exciting (mentoring for young people who are victims of bullying!), then I had to fit in seeing my boyfriend, seeing the new twilight film, plus working until gone 8 most nights, I've just had no time! But i am quite enjoying being this busy, plus it leaves me no time to spend as much money so I'm earning more than i'm spending which is great! So excited to get my first full time wage!

Anyway..moving on from my life updates. Product review time! My hair has been bugging me lately as it's been so flat at the roots. It's worse than ever because I've grown out my hair dye so it's my natural hair so it's almost too soft at the roots.. and it gets greasy really easily and just stays flat all the time which is so annoying. Cue the Schwarzkopf got2b Powderful Volumising styling powder! I'd been wanting to try some sort of volumising powder for a while and I decided to go with this one. It really does what it says on the tin! It instantly gives a volume boost to the roots which is noticeable immediately I also recently purchased this backcombing brush from eBay and I can't recommend it enough! Using these two products in conjunction with each other finally gives me the volumised roots I've been lusting after for so long! I can't believe i waited until now to purchase a brush like this because it really does work wonders.`What i also really like about the Schwarzkopf powder is that it also acts as a dry shampoo because it soaks up any oil / grease so it leaves my roots looking clean and almost..powdery.. without looking like I've just tipped a load of powder in there (if that actually makes any sense?). Anyway, if your roots are flat, looking dull and in need of a boost, I would definitely recommend trying these two products. Amazing!


  1. dose the volume last all day in your hair or dose it fall out after a while, i have been thinking about getting this for a while and was just wondering ??x

    1. it obviously drops out a little bit throughout the day, but after like 12 hours my hair still had loads more volume than it normally would. I was really impressed xx


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