Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Daily Skincare routine

I thought I would share my current everyday skincare routine. I usually remove my makeup using The Body Shop tea tree skin clearing foaming cleanser. This is one of my favourite face washes, although there are definitely cheaper alternatives which do pretty much the same thing (the website says this face wash is £5.00 but I swear I paid £7.00 for it in store? Maybe it's changed). I then follow with the Tea tree facial toner from the same range. Again I'm confused as the website says this is £3.00 and I'm sure I paid more for it in store? Odd. Anyway..I love the body shop products, and I especially love the tea tree scent. I feel like these products are really cleansing and leave my skin feeling tingly and fresh. (I also use the face wash every morning when I wake up and I find it really refreshing.)

After these two steps, I usually follow with my Clinique dramatically different moisturising gel. I've previously reviewed this here so I won't go into much detail about it! All i will say is it's my absolute favourite moisturiser ever...but I just can't justify buying it regularly as it's so expensive and doesn't seem to last that long! This is why I've bought a new moisturiser for the time being - a much cheaper alternative - My skin moisture lotion from Tesco. I think I only paid about £1.75 for it as it was on offer! It's an average quality moisturiser I suppose...nothing special but I just got it while I am between moisturisers! It has a nice fruity scent, and I like the fact it is oil free / mattifying. 

As for the other two products; The soap and glory pore facial peel is something I use about twice a week. I've previously reviewed it here so again, I won't go into too much detail about it, but i love it! And finally, my little miracle product.. Sudocrem! Anyone who has never used this on their face, you are missing out! It's so effective at getting rid of spots. I'm pretty lucky and don't tend to get breakouts that often, but whenever I do, the first thing i do is whack a load of sudocrem on my face! It honestly works wonders. Does anyone else use any of these products? What do you think of them? 


  1. LOVE skincare posts! I've got such a bad breakout on my chin right now never even thought to try sudocrem on it! will be trying that tonight! xx

    1. yeah sudocrem is amazing for stuff like that :) xx

  2. followed you back darling!!!follower number 131.
    see you again soon!!!:))


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