Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Benefit High Beam.

Everyone seems to rave about Benefit high beam and to be perfectly honest I don't think i'm a huge fan. I bought this mini 2.5ml sample size from ebay here last week so I could have chance to try it out and decide if i like it before buying the full size product. 

The couple of times I have used it, I find that it tends to remove my makeup slightly, and leave patchy white marks. I find that this happens even when I try to dab it really lightly. I've been using it on my cheekbones, forehead and nose, but I've read reviews from people saying they use it under their eyes to disguise dark circles, or on the brow bone as a highlighter, so I may try using it like this and see if I get better results. I'm not ruling it out completely and it may grow on me as I keep using it but at the moment i can't say i'm that excited by it, and I really don't think it's worth the price (£18.50 for the full size bottle).

Has anyone else tried high beam and isn't a huge fan of it? Everyone else I've come across seems to love it!

H&M body splash.

I picked up this 'body splash' fragrance from H&M when i was out shopping the other day. I had been looking for a cheap spray that i could stick in my bag and use whenever i feel like it without worrying about 'wasting' it. I spotted this at just £1.99 and after testing it I had to buy it as i thought it was an absolute bargain! It smells really fresh and fruity, I absolutely love it and have been using it non stop! Its a decent size bottle so you get more than your moneys worth! I definitely recommend it! I think the packaging is really cute too which is always a bonus! ;)

Has anyone else tried this spray / a similar cheap and cheerful spray? Any to recommend?

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Technic carnival glitter nail polish.

I've been lusting after OPI Rainbow Connection nail varnish for a while now. I'm obsessed with glitter polishes, I absolutely love them and I tend to wear a silver glitter over most colours i wear recently. I just think my nails look way more girly and sparkly that way :)

I didn't really fancy forking out £12.00+ for the OPI polish and i noticed people had compared this Technic polish in 'carnival' as a dupe. I think it really does look almost identical. I spotted this for about £5.00 on ebay recently and was thinking about buying it.. However i was shopping today and spotted this polish in a shop called Bodycare (for those who haven't heard of it, it generally sells beauty products / makeup at reduced prices). This polish was only 99p which i was amazed at so i grabbed 2 straight away! I can't believe i found it for such a cheap price and I'm so glad I didn't fork out for the OPI one now. I do really like OPI polishes but i find they are overpriced when you can get similar nail polishes at a fraction of the price. I've just tried out this glitter polish over a nude / grey colour nail varnish and it goes really well, so impressed with it!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Skin care regime.

I decided to share my current skin care regime as my skin has been feeling great lately and I feel like I've finally found a good routine.
For the past couple of months I have been using a facewash I picked up from Morrisons it's just a cheap brand I think it was called 'so clear'. To be honest I was really impressed with it and would definitely buy it again, it was around £2.70 which is about average for a standard face wash I suppose! The past couple of days i have been using this Garnier fresh essentials cleansing gel wash. I really like the scent it's nice and refreshing, however i feel like it irritates my eyes quite a bit, and I usually like to use a face wash which will remove all my eye make up. I think with this face wash i will have to use a wipe or some other kind of makeup remover along side it. That is my only criticism, i think it works really well as a facewash to cleanse and leave skin feeling fresh, and i picked it up when it was on offer in Sainsburys so it only cost me around £1.70 which is good!

I have been using this Simple soothing facial toner for a while now and I really like it, it doesn't irritate my skin at all but it gives that nice tingly clean feeling and ensures that all traces of makeup are gone. This is one of the best toners I've tried. I've previously used Clinique clarifying lotion however I felt that really irritated my skin and sometimes felt like it was burning! I like the way this simple toner is very kind to skin and not too harsh! I will definitely be buying this again.

I've previously reviewed this here. I can't stress enough how much i love this moisturiser it's hands down the best product ever for me! I don't know how I ever lived without it, i use it 2 / 3 times a day now and it makes my skin feel amazing. I'd definitely recommend it! Pricey but worth every penny.

Anyway that's my current skin care regime and it seems to be working pretty well for me at the moment! I don't really tend to have 'problem' skin I rarely get spots so i'm quite lucky but my skin has been feeling smooth lately so I'm putting that down to my skincare! I also try to avoid wearing makeup wherever possible, as soon as I'm home i'll take it off I hate sitting about with a full face of makeup, my skin just feels greasy!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Current wishlist!

I've been wanting a Michael Kors watch for a while now ever since I've noticed quite a few people with them! I really like this one, I like most of the rose gold ones but I think this is my favourite.. Unfortunately this one is £295.00 so I don't think I will be getting one any time soon! I will just have to lust after them for a while...

I've been wanting these studded slippers from Topshop for ages now but I always seem to run out of money before  i get chance to buy them.. Maybe on payday! :) I'm not sure if I would get them in the nude colour or the black I think i prefer the nude but I feel like I would get more wear out of the black ones so I can't decide.

I've been wanting a leather 'biker' style jacket like this one for absolutely ages, I got one a while back from primark but I wasn't crazy about it and i think i got a size too big so I ended up selling it on ebay.. But i'm definitely on the lookout for another one soon!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Vaseline Cocoa Butter range.

"Cocoa Butter Vitalising Gel Body Oil, used after bathing, replenishes skin and locks in moisture for naturally radiant skin."

A few weeks ago whilst out shopping with my mum I spotted the Vaseline cocoa butter range; it was on offer 2 for 1 so we both decided to get one. I couldn't choose between the cocoa butter lotion or the cocoa butter gel oil, but in the end i went with the oil for a change because I've tried so many body butters before...big mistake! I wish I had gone with the body butter as the oil is far too greasy. It smells amazing (as most cocoa butter products do!) and is definitely highly moisturising, but I find it almost unbearable to apply as it's literally so greasy, and doesn't dry for hours, resulting in it sticking to clothes and all sorts. I'm a huge fan of most vaseline products but I definitely wouldn't try this again, if i was looking for an oil I would probably opt for Johnsons baby oil as it dries in much faster. I'd like to try the Vaseline cocoa butter lotion in future though as the range smells amazing! Has anyone tried any of the cocoa butter range? Do you prefer the oil / body butter? I would quite like to try this range next as it claims to 'deliver superior moisturisation' without leaving skin feeling too greasy!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Vintage style dictionary print ring.

Spotted this vintage style dictionary print ring on ebay last night and immediately fell in love i think it's so cute and I haven't really seen any jewellery like this before i thought it was something a bit different so I decided to buy one straight away! The shop 'flutter face' also does other 'vintage and handmade' jewellery there's a lot of really cute stuff that would make great gifts and they're all reasonable prices! This ring was just £2.99 with 99p postage which I was impressed with! It took me a while to choose which 'word' to have but in the end i went with dream (shown in the photo!) There is about 30 different words to choose from, they also do a necklace version which I will probably get if I am impressed with my ring when it arrives!  As well as the dictionary print rings they also have a selection of comic book style rings which i think are really cute and original! 

Elf eyebrow kit.

My flatmate lucy got this little eyebrow kit from elf a while ago.(you can check it out here!) I started trying it out a couple of times last week and I was really impressed with it, so i went to buy one for myself but unfortunately they're sold out on the website. My flatmate has the eyebrow kit in 'ash' as she has blonde hair and fair eyebrows. The ash colour works for me too, however I find it to be a little too 'grey'. So I think when they come back in stock online I will get myself the 'light' colour instead as I prefer my eyebrows to be more of a brown colour! When I saw that the kit was out of stock on the elf website I decided to look on ebay for one, however there were none of the elf kits. I found an alternative by NYC (check it out here.) This arrived the other day and to be honest I'm not very impressed with it. I ordered the lightest shade 'blonde' but it doesn't really make any difference to my eyebrows when I apply it as it's such a light shade, so it was pretty much a write off. I'm still going to get an elf one as soon as they're back in stock, i also think they're very reasonably priced too at £3.50!

I'm really impressed with the elf eyebrow kit from the few times Ive used my flatmates. The gel is really easy to apply with the small angled brush and its easy to get the shape you want, then they powder sets the gel to keep the colour in place. Each time I've used it my eyebrows have looked perfect all day / night without any smudges or anything. I would recommend this eyebrow kit. Which other eyebrow products do people use? Any recommendations?

Friday, 3 February 2012

Out with friends.

Thought I would do a bit of a different post for once and show something a little more personal! Went out last night in Manchester to Factory, we did intend to go to Rockbox as we've been once before and loved it but it was closed booo! So we went to factory instead! Its usually dead but last night was quite busy! I love the seats in factory that are like built into the floor they're pretty cool. It was nice to have my cousin out with me who's only just turned 18 so she can finally come out yay! We were doing shots of apple sours from egg cups as we don't have any shot glasses.(students all the way!!) Anyway it was an alright night, pretty standard really nothing special, it was nice to go out though as I havent been out in so long! Haven't drank since new years eve! Hope everyone is well and has a good weekend! and I'll be doing another review post soon!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Clinique Dramatically different Moisturising Gel.

Both of my flatmates have been using this for a while, and i tried theirs the odd time and instantly fell in love with it so I had to get my hands on some Clinique dramatically different moisturising gel! I waited until Christmas to get it as it's fairly pricey (retails at £29.00 for the 125ml bottle with pump).

I'm absolutely in love with this product, I genuinely don't know how I ever survived without it. I use it at least twice a day, before I apply my makeup, and then at night after removing my makeup, cleansing and toning. I also use it blended with my MUA matte foundation to create a creamier consistency, as well as mixing it with fake tan when I apply it to my face.

This moisturiser is perfect for my combination oily skin, as it dries in quickly, leaving my skin feeling smooth and velvety but not greasy at all. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with oily or combination oily skin! It also seems to stop my skin from becoming as oily /shiny throughout the day, although this obviously helps when used in conjunction with matte makeup products! It is quite pricey but in my opinion it's worth paying for if it's a product that really works.