Monday, 28 November 2011

MAC blusher review.

A few months ago I decided to buy MAC sheertone blush in 'pink swoon'.

I love bright pink blushers so I absolutely love the colour of this and I had wanted it for ages! It is a really lovely colour which I can't fault however I find that I have to apply several coats of it before getting the result I want. With just one or two sweeps there isn't enough coverage, so although I do love the colour I find this quite annoying, especially since it retails at around £12.99, as I have used quite a lot of it already and it's because I have to apply so much every time!

Although I do really like this blush, I think it is slightly overpriced considering there are a lot of similar ones available. For example I have tried this blush by 17 (at Boots) before and I was pretty impressed with it and it doesn't require as many 'coats' as the MAC blush. I have also tried a blusher by the make 'Image' but couldn't find a photo of it online however that is a very similar shade to the 'pink swoon' and I feel that it applies a lot better!

Thanks for reading :-) jess xxx

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

'Escenti cool feet' cracked heel cream.

I got this a  couple of weeks back from B&M as I was in need of a foot cream and this was an absolute bargain, it was only about 79p. I'm really impressed with it! :-)

It has a lovely peppermint smell and is really cooling as soon as you apply it. It's a really good product for tired feet especially if you've been on your feet all day! As it contains menthol and peppermint it gives a nice tingly cooling sensation which feels like it's actually working! It also absorbs really quickly and doesn't leave your feet feeling greasy which is something I hate and has put me off foot creams before! However I'm not sure exactly how moisturising it would be though in the long term as I haven't been using it for long enough. It works immediately and my feet feel instantly softer but I'm not sure that it would work for people with really cracked heels.

Anyway, overall impressed with this little bargain product, I would recommend it if you can get your hands on it :-) hope everyone's having a good week so far!
jess xxx

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Nails inc. 'basil street'.

I was in tesco today and I spotted Glamour magazine and noticed that you got a free Nails inc. nail varnish with this month's issue! I'm a sucker for nail varnishes especially nude colours at the moment so couldn't resist getting this lovely nude shade 'basil street'! 

I love colours like this as they're just easy to wear and just to do quickly if you're in a rush. Also I'm not supposed to wear nail varnish for work but I can usually get away with nude colours like this so I think it will be perfect to wear for work :-) I really like Nails inc. varnishes actually they apply really easily and smooth and I like their range of nude/pastel colours. I also have a pale pink polish by them and I love it!

Just a little post really, mainly to let people know about the free gift with Glamour if you haven't already spotted it! 

:-) jess xxx

Asda 'young skin' matte finish moisturiser review.

A while ago when I was shopping in Asda I spotted  this moisturiser and decided to try it as I was in need of one and didn't have much money so thought I'd try a cheap one.. It only costs £1.00 which is an absolute bargain! I wasn't expecting much from it, I just needed a moisturiser to last me for a while until I bought a better one, but I was pleasantly surprised by it!

The main reason I chose this is because it promised a 'matte finish' and I tend to suffer from oily skin, so usually most moisturisers make my face greasy. This is probably the best moisturiser I've used as it leaves my skin feeling amazing.. Really velvety and not greasy at all. It dries fast and leaves a nice silky smooth effect.

However, I wouldn't recommend this for any other skin types other than oily skin as it would probably dry out the skin too much. Although this leaves a really nice effect and soft feeling on the skin I don't feel that it's very moisturising. Nevertheless I'm still impressed with it and it's a really good product considering the price! 

Hope this has been helpful :-) jess xxx

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Clinique Moisture Surge tinted moisturiser review.

A while ago I got a free sample of Clinique Moisture Surge tinted moisturiser in a magazine. After trying it I was pretty impressed with it and decided to buy some, although it was a little pricey as with most of the Clinique range. I think it retails at around £23.00 however I got it for about £19.00 as my flatmate works in duty free at the airport! :-)

Although I got the same shade as the same I'd tried (no. 3), I found it to be a bit dark for my skin tone, although it's a bit of a better match when I'm wearing fake tan. So for this reason I don't tend to wear it during the day, which is mainly what I intended, as it is a tinted moisturiser and I wanted a lighter version of a foundation. Also, my skin has oily tendencies and I find that this tinted moisturiser makes my skin appear quite greasy, and if I do wear it on a night out I tend to still use foundation over the top, along with concealer and powder. I suppose it works well as an initial base but I definitely wouldn't be able to wear it alone. Perhaps it works better for people with dry/normal skin though.

My overall thoughts on this product are that it's a bit pricey for what it is and there are several others on the market for much less, for example the Garnier BB cream which I have previously reviewed. I do regret spending that much on it as I don't really use it often and I'm never particularly impressed with the results, particularly if I am only using it as a base for under the rest of my makeup.

Hope this review has been helpful! jess xo

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Johnsons baby shampoo review.

I know this is an extremely well known product, and is undoubtedly already used by a lot of people. I have only been using it for the past couple of weeks. I never really thought about trying it before, even though I knew a couple of my friends used it, for example my flat mate last year. I ended up buying it when I went to stay with my dad the other week because I forgot to take shampoo and it was the cheapest one at the shop. I'm so glad I decided to buy it. I always thought it wouldn't really do enough for my hair, as I have very dry, frizzy hair, which is also now bleached at the moment, meaning it is in pretty poor condition. So I have been using shampoos formulated for blonde hair as I thought these would work the best.

I can honestly say that baby shampoo is better than any other shampoo I've ever tried. I will definitely be sticking with it for a long time! It leaves my hair feeling really clean and fresh, whereas a lot of shampoos can leave it feeling weighed down, especially shampoos aimed at dry and damaged hair, or blonde hair. The after effect is also amazing, it leaves my hair really soft and almost fluffy, but not in an uncontrollable way. It's basically how I always want my hair to be, it's genuinely in the best condition it's been in for ages, despite recently being bleached! I'm so impressed with this product I can't stress enough more people need to try it especially with blonde hair as it seems to leave it in a much more manageable condition.

One thing I would say however is I still need to use a really good conditioner combined with this shampoo... If I were to use the shampoo alone it wouldn't leave my hair in a very nice condition. I've been using 'Aussie 3 minute miracle deep reconstructor' (pictured below) and I find that this really helps to leave my hair in a soft and manageable condition. I've also occasionally been using 'Tresemme colour thrive blonde conditioner' (also pictured below) combined with the baby shampoo also. These two conditioners are the best I've tried in a long time and I would recommend them both!

Hope this review has been helpful! jess xo

Friday, 11 November 2011

Miss Sporty studio lash mascara.

I have recently been using the Miss Sporty studio lash mascara in black so thought I would review it. I have previously used a miss sporty mascara I think it was the pink version of the studio lash but this one is extra volumising i think!

I am so impressed with this mascara! It's probably one of the best I've ever used and it just goes to show that expensive doesn't always mean quality.. This is probably one of the cheapest mascaras you can buy, it retails  at £2.99 but I got it for £2.00 at a factory outlet shop where they had a selection of reduced makeup. 

I would definitely recommend this I can't stress enough it's so much better than some of the more expensive mascaras I have tried! It gives really good coverage and extends the lashes, particularly on the bottom lashes which is an essential for me as I like my bottom lashes to look long! It doesn't look too heavy with just one coat so can be worn everyday but it can also be easily built up. 

I love finding bargain makeup that turns out to actually be really good quality! 
Hope this review has been helpful! jess xo

Friday, 4 November 2011

St Moriz fake tan review.

I've been using the St Moriz tanning mousse for a while now, over a year, so I thought I would review it! I know a lot of people who use it so it's definitely one of the more popular fake tans.

It generally retails at about £3.00 in most places which is really cheap for fake tan! I actually found a bottle of the dark version for 89p which I thought was amazing so I decided to try out the dark version as I had previously been using the normal one.

Generally I find that it is easy to apply and it's useful that the mousse itself actually comes out brown because it allows you to see whether you've missed any bits! It tends to look quite streaky when I apply it but it always looks fine once I've washed it off. I usually apply it before bed then wash it off in the morning. As it's a mousse I find it dries very quickly however I usually apply a little baby powder over certain areas such as the crease near my elbow as it stops it from wearing off (if that makes sense!)

I know some people who apply this tan as an instant one but I wouldn't personally do that as I find it looks too dark and streaky unless it's been washed off, particularly if I apply it to my face it looks like I have a dirty face!

For those wondering how different the 'dark' version is I didn't find it too much darker although it's slightly noticeable, I think you'd probably just have to apply less, for example if I have a big night out coming up I tend to apply it about three times before whereas the dark version I would probably do two applications.. I guess it depends on personal preference of how dark you want to look!

Hope this review has been helpful! jess xo

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Garnier BB cream review.

I've decided to start a little product review blog as I love buying new beauty products regularly so I thought it would be nice to have somewhere to share my thoughts on them! I have lots more to add as there are a lot of products I'm dying to review but I won't bombard you with them all at once, I'll try to spread them out a little!

The first product I'm going to review is the Garnier BB cream.

I decided to buy this after a couple of friends started using it and they recommended it to me. I tried out my flatmates in 'light' and I was really impressed by it so that's when I decided to get myself a bottle! I decided to get the 'medium' colour as I thought I would mostly use this for heavy coverage on nights out (under foundation) but I have since found that it provides great coverage on its own and I tend to use it more during the day just with powder over the top. In retrospect I should probably have got the lighter colour and I'm actually considering buying another tube of it in 'light' as I'm really impressed with the actual product. I think it gives excellent coverage and looks fine to wear on its own even though its more of a tinted moisturiser than a foundation. I tend to have quite oily skin which is why I use powder over the top to minimise shine, however I think for people with dryer skin it could be used alone and it would be sufficient.

Overall I'm really impressed with this product and I would definitely recommend it! I only paid £7 for it which isn't too bad, I think it generally retails around £9.99 but it was on offer at asda when I bought it!

Hope this review has been helpful! jess xo