Friday, 4 November 2011

St Moriz fake tan review.

I've been using the St Moriz tanning mousse for a while now, over a year, so I thought I would review it! I know a lot of people who use it so it's definitely one of the more popular fake tans.

It generally retails at about £3.00 in most places which is really cheap for fake tan! I actually found a bottle of the dark version for 89p which I thought was amazing so I decided to try out the dark version as I had previously been using the normal one.

Generally I find that it is easy to apply and it's useful that the mousse itself actually comes out brown because it allows you to see whether you've missed any bits! It tends to look quite streaky when I apply it but it always looks fine once I've washed it off. I usually apply it before bed then wash it off in the morning. As it's a mousse I find it dries very quickly however I usually apply a little baby powder over certain areas such as the crease near my elbow as it stops it from wearing off (if that makes sense!)

I know some people who apply this tan as an instant one but I wouldn't personally do that as I find it looks too dark and streaky unless it's been washed off, particularly if I apply it to my face it looks like I have a dirty face!

For those wondering how different the 'dark' version is I didn't find it too much darker although it's slightly noticeable, I think you'd probably just have to apply less, for example if I have a big night out coming up I tend to apply it about three times before whereas the dark version I would probably do two applications.. I guess it depends on personal preference of how dark you want to look!

Hope this review has been helpful! jess xo

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