Monday, 26 March 2012

My beautiful new shoes :)

Apologies for the rubbish quality photo but i just thought i would share with you my new shoes as I absolutely love them. I spotted these nude patent heels in Primark a few weeks back and instantly fell in love with them but unfortunately they didn't have my size! So when i was in Primark again the other day and i spotted these in my size I grabbed them straight away! I think they're an absolute bargain at £12.00 and I've wanted some exactly like this for so long. Looking forward to actually wearing them i just hope they're not too killer! Im not usually great in heels but I love these ones so i will have to try and deal with it!

Friday, 23 March 2012

Piz Buin self tanning lotion & colour dial.

I got this 'Piz Buin self tanning lotion & colour dial' fake tan for Christmas, so i have been using it since then. I think it retails at around £9.99 which i think is quite pricey considering there are a lot of cheaper tanning alternatives. What i like about this is that there is a 'colour dial' so you can choose how dark you want your tan to be. I think the lighter half  on the left is ideal to use as a gradual tan, to apply every couple of days and build up a darker colour over time. Whereas the darker side on the right is better for just the odd application, e.g. the day before a night out. It does take a while to develop so its best applied before bed and left overnight. One negative I find with this fake tan is it takes a long time to dry, and can be quite sticky; also there is quite a strong smell but I suppose that's to be expected with the majority of fake tans!

Overall i have been quite impressed with the outcome of this tan colour wise, but i think it has it's faults too. There are definitely other brands I'd reach for over this, and I still prefer my trusty St Moriz (which is also a much cheaper alternative). So i don't particularly think I will be purchasing it again any time soon. Has anyone else tried this?

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Yogberries frozen yoghurt!

So after seeing someone posting about Yogberries on instagram earlier today, me and my flatmate decided to go try it out as there's one in Fallowfield which isnt too far from us. After checking out the website before heading there we decided to try the medium special offer (a medium frozen yoghurt with 3 toppings for £3.95).. we didn't realise how big the portions would be (not sure if you can tell from this photo but they were pretty big!), so i definitely think it's worth the money. They were generous with the toppings too which is good, and the staff were really friendly :)

There are quite a lot of toppings to choose from, as well as 3 different yoghurt flavours (natural, chocolate and mango). I went for natural frozen yoghurt with peanut butter cups, chocolate coffee beans and strawberries (looking back though i don't think the strawberries went with it very well). My flatmate got the mango yoghurt and after trying hers i much preferred it to the 'natural' flavour so if I go again I'll definitely be getting the mango one. I think the concept of this is really good as the yoghurt itself is really healthy (0% fat!), and if you choose all fruit options its an all round healthy snack. (we were a bit naughty with our choices though oops!) The peanut butter cups were definitely the best one! Anyway i would definitely recommend this place so if you live near either Fallowfield, Wilmslow or Hale then check it out! :)

Rimmel stay matte foundation.

I've been using this Rimmel stay matte mousse foundation for a while now on and off with other foundations. I tend to reach for this if my skin is feeling particularly oily that day, or if I know I will be out for a long time. I think this foundation is really effective, it minimises shine and it actually stays matte for a long time. However it doesn't dry out my skin too much, which is great, although i think it probably would if someone who was prone to dry skin used it. I tend to just apply it with my fingers as I feel it goes on better with it being quite a creamy consistency, and once its on my skin it dries in really fast which is perfect.. then it's not greasy! I think it retails at around £6? But i got mine from ebay for about £3.50 I think (I always turn to ebay it's the best!). I've almost ran out of this product and i will definitely be purchasing it again on friday when i get paid! I know it's a cheap product but I find it definitely works for me so why pay more for essentially the same thing? I love finding a bargain!

 I have also been using this pressed powder by Rimmel too (shown above), and it is pretty effective. I think the 'matte' look is an essential for me I cannot stand looking shiny at all! I never really thought of using Rimmel products before as it seemed like a sort of 'cheap' make to me, but I am impressed with this foundation so i will probably try more of their products now! Does anyone else have a favourite product by Rimmel?

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Haven't blogged in a while!

I feel like I havent blogged in quite a while, ive been quite busy with a horrible 5,000 word essay plus the dreaded dissertation! Third year of uni is no fun. I have a couple of products in mind to review so I'll get round to that soon. 

Updates wise; I went out to Bredbury hall on friday night with the girls (a couple of photos above..) and i absolutely loved it, it was sort of how i expected it, and there were a lot of older people there, but I had a really good night and we were all that good amount of drunk where no one is too messy but you all have a good time...yeah that. I tried out a fishtail plait, it was my first time doing it on myself and i think it looks can sort of see it in the photos. I hate not wearing my extensions when i go out but they're getting a bit old and don't really match right now cause i'm trying to grow my hair out and get it looking more natural.. anyways! Apart from friday all ive been doing is working and doing uni work, the same old boring crap. Looking forward to uni being over to be honest, i'm sick of being a student now! (apart from the lie ins obviously.)

Anyway, theres a vague update for now and i'll get round to reviewing some stuff soon! Hope everyone is good :) also want to wish my beautiful best friend a happy 22nd birthday today!!! 

Sunday, 4 March 2012


Revlon nail enamel - £1.75 Ruby slipper & Silver belle

My flatmate has had this Revlon nail enamel in the 'rock star' shade for a while now and I always find myself using it.. It adds a bit of sparkle to any nail colour and i always find it a nice alternative to plain block colour. I'm really into glittery nails at the moment so I thought it was about time i got my own as i have been using hers for ages! I decided to get the plain silver glitter (silver belle)  and the red / silver glitter (ruby slipper). I ordered them here and they're only £1.75 each which i think is pretty good for a nail varnish considering the price of most standard nail enamels. There is also quite a variety of colour to choose from on the website, glitter and non-glitter, check it out! I would really recommend these nail enamels, for the price i think they are high quality and they last ages. They're also not too hard to remove which can tend to be a problem with glitter nail polishes.

Thursday, 1 March 2012


Just a couple of updates from the last few days really! These are just a couple of instagram photos to show what I've been upto the last few days (so apologies for the crappy quality)!

The other night me and lucy made honey pecan muffins from scratch they were so good! She made them once before last year and Ive been bugging her to make them again ever since and we finally made them the other night, although she did most of the hard work! ;) i just made the honey sauce!

The next picture is my little car Barney when i took him in for repair the other day! You may be able to tell why hes called barney as I think he resembles Barney the dinosaur a little bit or maybe its just me? I think hes cute.. Anyways he needed the tyres balancing as they've been out of place for awhile ever since my dad changed a tyre, literally months ago! So i havent been able to go above 60 which is a nightmare on the motorway! So i'm glad its sorted now i can get back to zooming about!!;)

The next photo is me and luce yesterday when we went to see The woman in Black at the cinema. I think i was expecting it to be much scarier as everyone had hyped it up.. Dont get me wrong i was hiding behind my cardigan the whole time but it wasn't too bad i suppose. I reckon theres much scarier films, put it that way! Has anyone else seen it? what did you think?

Aaaaaand the last one is just something me and my boyfriend made the other night, literally the nicest meal ever i'm not even exaggerating! We made crispy chicken from scratch and used a teriyaki coating which was SO good! Then we had it with vermicelli noodles which we added sweet chilli sauce to and some vegetables. It was amazing we will definitely be making it again soon, or at least something similar!

Anyway thats what has been going on with me for the last couple of days! As well as this ive managed to finish an essay due in tomorrow, literally only remembered i had it on monday so I'm quite pleased i've managed to get it done already! Whether i will do well on it is another story..