Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Haven't blogged in a while!

I feel like I havent blogged in quite a while, ive been quite busy with a horrible 5,000 word essay plus the dreaded dissertation! Third year of uni is no fun. I have a couple of products in mind to review so I'll get round to that soon. 

Updates wise; I went out to Bredbury hall on friday night with the girls (a couple of photos above..) and i absolutely loved it, it was sort of how i expected it, and there were a lot of older people there, but I had a really good night and we were all that good amount of drunk where no one is too messy but you all have a good time...yeah that. I tried out a fishtail plait, it was my first time doing it on myself and i think it looks okay..you can sort of see it in the photos. I hate not wearing my extensions when i go out but they're getting a bit old and don't really match right now cause i'm trying to grow my hair out and get it looking more natural.. anyways! Apart from friday all ive been doing is working and doing uni work, the same old boring crap. Looking forward to uni being over to be honest, i'm sick of being a student now! (apart from the lie ins obviously.)

Anyway, theres a vague update for now and i'll get round to reviewing some stuff soon! Hope everyone is good :) also want to wish my beautiful best friend a happy 22nd birthday today!!! 


  1. Happy B-day to your friend. Can't wait till you get back to blogging. Ready to read your reviews. :)



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