Tuesday, 9 October 2012

October wishlist

I thought I'd do a wishlist of some things I've been wanting recently and hope to get my hands on soon! I've been stuck indoors the past couple of days because I'm ill.. this obviously results in browsing the internet for things I can't afford!
Links for all the products provided below.

1. Now that we're heading into winter I really want some snuggly winter clothes! So the first thing on my wishlist is this adorable animal hat! I saw this in tesco a few weeks ago and it was only £4.99 i think! Whereas it's available at Urban outfitters for about triple that price.. and they are practically the exact same hat!
2. I'm desperate to get a fur coat in the next month or so ready for winter. Something like this one from House of Fraser would be ideal, but it's way out of my price range so I will have to look around.. I think fur coats are amazing as they're so cosy but still look great. 
3. I've been wanting to get my hands on OPI nail envy for a while, so hopefully I'll buy it in the next few weeks! My nails are in terrible condition ever since i last had acrylics on so hopefully something like this will help their texture and stop them from breaking so easily! I've heard a lot of good things about this product so far so fingers crossed. 
4. I'm still kind of obsessed with crosses.. So i think this ring from Dorothy Perkins is really cute. I don't tend to wear rings that often and I don't have any like this one so I think it would be a nice addition to my jewellery collection. I think it would look great with quite a plain outfit!
5. I've been searching for an everyday bag for a while now and I really like this one. I think the colour is perfect for Autumn and i really like the studs! It's not a bad price either only £30. only negative is that I'd prefer the studs to be a different colour, maybe grey / bronze? as I think the gold looks a bit tacky. 
6. Finally the last thing I've been wanting for a while is the perfect black peplum top! Obviously this style of top is everywhere at the moment, I really want a black one as I think it will go with so much and you can create so many different looks with it.. It will be such a staple item. I really like the look of this one from Bank because of the spiked studding detail, it makes the top look a lot more expensive i think and sets it apart from all the other peplum tops.. But I still think it is plain / classic enough to be worn a lot. 


  1. Isn't it crazy how some brands get away with pricing items at such extortionate prices when really you grab the same thing from somewhere else for a fraction of the price? Madness babe!

    I absolutely love your wishlist - definitely items I see myself lusting after. That coat is to-die-for! I'm determined to get myself a faux-fur this year. xx


  2. Really loving the peplum, coat and bag! I've never seen a bag like that one it's amazing - pretty well priced too

    Robyn Mayday

  3. i adore the bag and the peplum top - soo pretty! xx

  4. Thx for sending me your link on bbloggers chat! I love that bag!! I'm following now! Hope you visit my blog too.


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