Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Everyday makeup.

I thought I'd share my current everyday makeup routine! I love seeing people's combination of products and their favourite ones to use so I wanted to share mine. I haven't been wearing foundation very much at all lately so I haven't pictured any here. To be honest i only really wear foundation on nights out now, as I don't really feel like I need it. I tend to use the Rimmel fix & perfect primer, and then I will sometimes use the Benefit porefessional over the top.. However I've started using this less frequently as it's running out and it's so expensive so i'm a bit hesitant to replace it even though I love it! I will probably repurchase it at some point though as it's a great product. So then I use my L'oreal nude Magique BB cream. This is one of my favourite products of all time! honestly I recommend it so much, especially if you have oily / combination skin. It makes my skin matte without being too dry, and I find that the coverage is enough that I dont need foundation on a daily basis, although when it's on it kind of appears like bare skin ? it's weird..But i guess it's just what you feel comfortable with and I like how my skin looks when wearing this! But i know some people who have tried it and don't like it, so I think it definitely depends on your skin type and how much coverage you like to have!

Next, concealer..My favourite concealer, which I have been using for almost a year now, is Benefit boi-ing which I have in the lightest shade. I find that the coverage is really good partiocularly under my eyes, it brightens up my skin quite a bit which I love! however lately I've been using Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer which is absolutely AMAZING. i know there's been a lot of hype around it and I can finally see why, it's so good! Seriously anyone who hasn't tried it needs to. Then to set all my makeup I use 17 Miracle matte Pressed Powder, this is the best powder I've found so far, it's relatively new I think? but I've repurchased it once already as I used one up. it's one of my staple products which i use every single day without fail, and it's definitely a must for someone with oily / combination skin! For my everyday blush I have been using one by MUA it was only £1.00 which is an absolute bargain and i have the shade number 4, I picked this as it was the brightest pink colour which is the kind of colour I always go for in a blush.

Finally..eye makeup and eyebrows. Again for my eyebrows I use an MUA eyebrow pencil which was an amazing £1.00 which I have in the shade brunette. I really like this pencil it's just as good as others I've tried which have been a lot more expensive! As for my eyes.. I absolutely swear by MUA's Undressed palette (not pictured above I know but that's because i don't carry it around in my 'everyday' makeup bag..although I do use it most days). Lately i've been wearing quite minimal makeup to be honest so sometimes just mascara on my eyes and nothing else. I've been using Rimmel volume flash Scandal eyes Mascara for the past couple of months as my everyday mascara.. It's not my favourite ever but it does the job! Oh and finally the Bourjois 'chocolate' bronzer I use this most days just to give my skin a little glow, it's one of the best bronzers I've tried as its not too orange or too shimmery but gives a nice subtle glow. So this post turned out to be a little longer than I anticipated so I'm going to stop waffling on now! This is an overview of my current everyday makeup, the makeup I carry around with me and the bare minimum I will use but obviously I have a much bigger collection for when I'm doing my full makeup for nights out etc!


  1. love this post, i like reading other peoples daily great tips for others xx

  2. Your blog is so CUTE! Thanks for the follow. I followed back =)

  3. Lovely post :) I really want to try Porefessional!! Xx.

  4. Love this post, I'm addicted to porefessional..but due to a student budget Im having to use it less and less :(

    Great blog, just followed. Maddie xx

  5. Really want to try some of these products. Love your blog! Now following, would love you to check out mine too. Naomi xx

    I am also running a vintage giveaway to win a scarf and gold chain necklace.


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