Thursday, 11 October 2012

DIY studs

I was sent this variety of studs from Crystals and Gems uk so that I could create some unique pieces of clothing by studding them. They also have an eBay shop where you can buy the products if you're interested! I think studding items is a really good way to put your individual spin on an item of clothing; it's also really cheap and fun to do.. and takes hardly any time at all. I received a 'tool' to help with the studding which as you can see basically looks a bit like a screwdriver.. this did make the process easier but to be honest you could use anything of a similar shape that's hard, such as the handle of a hairbrush.. things like that.

If I'd realised earlier how easy it was, I would have started studding things a long time ago as I absolutely love anything with studs on! and whenever I see studded things in shops they are always the first thing to catch my eye! Here are some of the clothing items that I have played about with so far. I will be trying out new designs and styles in the next few weeks which I will post about at a later date! 

It's really easy to do, you basically just push the stud through the material and the four small spikes will pop through the other side, then you bend and press them down using the screwdriver thingy so they're flat, and that's it! I'm really pleased with how the studs look, especially on the back pocket of the black jeans. Obviously I'm not the most 'arty / fashion' type person, they're not perfect, and aren't all symmetrical etc etc.. but I think that adds to the fun a little, as it makes them individual and appear more handmade which I like. What do you think ? has anyone else tried studding items of clothing or other accessories? Would  you buy packs of studs like this? It's really easy to do if anyone is thinking of giving it a go! and adds a nice individual touch to an item of clothing!

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  1. i really like this, i must try it on some of my stuff lol xx


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