Sunday, 28 October 2012

Christmas wishlist.

It's getting to that time of year again, to start thinking about what i want for Christmas! I actually bought my first present the other day, a book for my dad. It's quite an achievement for me as i usually do all my Christmas shopping about second week of December. I think i will try and be more organised this year (but then again i say that every year!). Now that halloween is almost out of the way.. which I'm not fussed about this year (probably just because I'm not doing anything for it..), everyone can begin getting excited for Christmas properly! So whilst browsing online i decided to have a look for things I might want for Christmas as family members have already started asking me!

First of all i really want some new Ugg boots. I know they aren't to everyone's taste but i love them. Comfort over fashion and all that! I'm thinking of getting these mini (extra short) ones for a change as opposed to the classic ones which I've had before. I think they're so cute! what are everyone's thoughts on uggs? I feel like people are pretty much over them now, I definitely don't see as many people with them nowadays.. but i don't care I love them! (obviously i think the fake versions can look really cheap and tacky.)

I got a lily flame candle a few years back for Christmas and i absolutely loved it! They are much nicer than Yankee candles in my opinion. I had a coffee one and it has actual coffee beans in and smelled absolutely insane. so so so nice! I think this Christmas spice one would be such a lovely smell for winter. I love the smell of cinnamon especially around Christmas time!

I love my Real techniques stippling brush so I've been thinking about getting another brush from the range. I want to try the blusher brush next I think so I might have to pop this on my Christmas list!

I really like the look of this dip hem skirt from Dorothy perkins. I've been loving all kinds of asymmetric / dip hem / maxi skirts for the past few months and I still absolutely adore them! i think this one is such a lovely colour. I think they look really classic and can be dressed up or down quite a bit, so I think I'd get a lot of wear out of something like this.. and for £26.00 it's not bad! 

Something I've been lusting after for a while.. the Urban decay Naked 2 palette. Obviously this is a product that's been discussed a lot in the blogging world. I've been wearing eyeshadow a lot more regularly the past few months and I'd really like to experiment with this palette. I've heard so many good things about it and i do think it's worth the price by the sound of it! I'll probably ask someone to buy me this for Christmas as i'd feel a bit guilty spending that much on eyeshadow for myself! 

What's on your Christmas list ? Has anyone else made a start on their christmas shopping yet?


  1. I have UGGs and love them! I would wear them all year round, so warm and comfy! I have the bailey button ones but think about treating myself to a second pair of the classic ones. Been making a Christmas list for what to get other people, but not for myself yet. woops!

    Paige xox


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