Friday, 26 October 2012

Revlon calcium gel nail hardener.

I got this Revlon calcium gel nail hardener a couple of months back. My nails were in terrible condition at the time as I'd had acrylics done, and once i took them off my nails were all weak and peeling. I love how acrylics look at time but i don't personally think it's worth ruining my nails, I like my nails to be as healthy and strong as possible! So anyway, i was looking for a nail hardener of some sort and spotted this in Boots for £6.49, which i didn't think was too bad for this type of nail treatment compared to some other brands. it's kind of a creamy white colour in the bottle but comes out clear on the nails.

I tend to use this as my base coat pretty much every time I paint my nails.. and i can honestly say i have noticed an improvement in the strength of my nails. I've grown them for the past few weeks and they have grown quite long, whereas usually one of them will end up breaking or peeling, and then I have to cut them all down to the same length. But they have been in really good condition recently so I think this nail hardener has helped. Usually a couple of my nails will end up peeling and they haven't at all. overall I'd recommend this as a base coat. It's not too pricey and it seems to have improved the strength and texture of my nails. 


  1. I may have to try this out! My nails are gotten all weak too! Probably from too much nail glue!! Thanks for letting us know about this! xxx

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    Hope to see you there!



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