Monday, 28 May 2012

Revlon colorburst lip butter.

I have been wanting to try the Revlon colorburst lip butters for a while now, I've heard amazing things about them and I'm a sucker for lip products in general anyway. I didnt buy one because Ive been desperately trying to save but I eventually gave in the other day! I bought the 'strawberry shortcake' colour, I figured this would be a wearable colour for everyday use so I would get the most wear out of it. I love the shade of pink, its not too bright but still pigmented. I wasn't sure whether this product would live up to the hype but I can safely say... it does! I can't wait to try it in a different colour (Ive got my eye on 'tutti fruiti') but I will try and restrain myself for now or I will never manage to save up any money!

I love everything about this product really, from the packaging to the overall result of the product when its on! Its so easy to apply it doesnt require a mirror, and it's really moisturising. The colour also stays for a good couple of hours too. Overall i can't recommend these enough, I think theres a colour to suit everyone too so you can't go wrong!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Week in photos.

From top left: Celebratory cider after finishing my last ever assignment, Deep freeze gel for my poorly shoulder, walks with the boyf in the sun, Australia (Im almost definitely going there next year eeeee!), Dinner with the girls at the Midway, Made in Chelsea catch up, favourite snack, Boyfriends cat awww, Changed my room around i love my bed! :)

I feel like i havent blogged in a while! I've been quite busy finishing off my last couple of assignments for uni, handed in my last ever one today so its bye bye uni.. FOREVER, eeek its pretty scary! I have also been planning a little trip... I can announce I am almost definitely going to Australia next year eeeee! To work there for a few months hopefully! Going to book it / put a deposit down tomorrow so its pretty definite, just as long as nothing drastically changes it should definitely happen! I think we are going in like February next year! I am so so excited! it will be life changing, I hope anyway! haha. Soo thats definitely the most exciting thing going on in my life right now.. for now i am just trying to save up as much money as I possibly can! which is not easy!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Bronze Ambition Fake don't Bake tanning cream.

Bronze Ambition Fake don't Bake tanning cream - £1.49 Bodycare

Just a quick review of a product Im absolutely loving at the moment! This fake tan is only £1.49 from Bodycare and i picked it up at the recommendation of my flatmate. It's more of gradual tan which doesn't show straight away, it starts to develop after a few hours, and although its a gradual tan the colour is quite visible after one application which I like because I can't be bothered to apply tan every day! After two applications of this I had a similar colour as when I use something like St moriz tan which I was quite impressed at. The tan seems to come out really even and streak free compared to some tans i have used and with it being a cream it's very moisturising too! Also the smell is lovely at first (its coconut), but after a few hours as the colour develops it starts to smell 'biscuity' like fake tans can tend to do! Overall Im impressed with it though and i think it's definitely good considering its a bargain at £1.49! Has anyone else tried this tan? 

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Week in photos.

fresh sheets<3, card games, hangover nandos, cheeky purchases, daddy, 80s night with my best girls, new pink watch, library sesh with lucy, popcorn, pink bathtime!, glitter nails, going over the bridge to my dads.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Samy: salon systems.

Samy relaxing creme: 37p - Superdrug

Samy the hairspray: 49p - Superdrug

Samy volume and body conditioner: 49p - Superdrug

Just had to share with you these absolute bargains I picked up at Superdrug yesterday! I couldn't believe they were so cheap so I just had to get them even though i don't really need any more products. I had actually been looking for a leave in treatment for frizzy hair as mine can tend to be very dry and frizzy after I have washed it, so I was very happy when I spotted this 'relaxing creme' which is a leave in treatment for 'coarse, resistant hair'..and it was just 37p! I tried it last night and I'm really impressed! I just shampooed my hair, didnt use conditioner and then used this leave in treatment after I got out of the bath. My hair felt instantly softer and more manageable, and today it definitely looks less frizzy and more soft and shiny. So on first impressions i absolutely love this product and can't believe i got such a bargain! Id definitely recommend it to anyone with thick, frizzy or dry hair! 

I'm liking the hairspray from what I've tried of it so far, as it's quite a lightweight formula so doesn't feel too heavy on my hair, also I feel it gives a bit of shine and makes my hair look generally healthier, but this is just my first impression of it. The only downside is I don't think it smells very nice.. Definitely can't argue for the price though! As for the conditioner I haven't tried it yet. I do actually have quite thick hair so i tend to avoid any sort of 'volumising' products, however I liked the sound of this as it claims it is an 'ultra lightweight' formula, so hopefully it won't make my hair feel too weighed down by the product which can sometimes be a problem with conditioners. 

All of these products were on clearance and I'm not sure why but I'm not going to question it! I've had a look on the Samy website and all the products are available here, most for around £5-ish if you want to check them out. Or have a look in your local superdrug and you might be able to find these bargains too! I had never heard of this brand before I spotted these, has anyone else tried any of their products before?