Sunday, 6 May 2012

Bronze Ambition Fake don't Bake tanning cream.

Bronze Ambition Fake don't Bake tanning cream - £1.49 Bodycare

Just a quick review of a product Im absolutely loving at the moment! This fake tan is only £1.49 from Bodycare and i picked it up at the recommendation of my flatmate. It's more of gradual tan which doesn't show straight away, it starts to develop after a few hours, and although its a gradual tan the colour is quite visible after one application which I like because I can't be bothered to apply tan every day! After two applications of this I had a similar colour as when I use something like St moriz tan which I was quite impressed at. The tan seems to come out really even and streak free compared to some tans i have used and with it being a cream it's very moisturising too! Also the smell is lovely at first (its coconut), but after a few hours as the colour develops it starts to smell 'biscuity' like fake tans can tend to do! Overall Im impressed with it though and i think it's definitely good considering its a bargain at £1.49! Has anyone else tried this tan? 


  1. Sounds great, especially for the winter months!

    Miss Katie K
    Belle De Jour

  2. I haven't tried this but I would like to now! Does it wash off easily? xoxo

  3. I have seen this in a £1 shop before :P sounds alright though for the price.

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