Friday, 12 October 2012

Essie case study.

I'm really starting to grow a liking to Essie nail polishes! I will hopefully build up a big collection over time, i only have 5 so far! I couldn't believe it when i found out they were only £1.99 on Fragrance direct! an absolute BARGAIN considering they are £7.99 in Boots. I ordered 'ballet slippers' which is a lovely pale, nude pink and is the Essie colour I have been lusting after for ages! and then I also ordered 'case study' which is pictured above. I love nude colours but this is different to other nude colours I have, it's darker and almost a kind of khaki colour.. which is not something I'd usually expect to like but i do love this colour! I think it's perfect for autumn too. I really like the colours I've tried so far and I do like essie polishes.. they look really pigmented after two coats and tend to last quite a while without chipping. However i don't think I would be willing to spend £7.99 on just one as I think that's a lot for one nail varnish when there are so many cheaper alternatives! So yeah, anyone thinking of trying out Essie polishes check out the link above as there's a good few to choose from at only £1.99 you can't really go wrong :)


  1. eeek thankyou for pointing out theyre so cheap on that website,I love you for it!although my bank account isn't sharing that love ahha.great blog hun!xx

  2. My bank balance is now doomed now you've taught me essie nail varnishes are £1.99 on that site!!! I may just have to buy EVERY colour! ahaha!
    Love your blog! Definatly given you a follow!! xxx

  3. Have you had your nails done again? Xx

  4. I'm so glad you've posted a link, as to where I can get the nail varnish's for cheaper. I always eye the essie nail varnish's up in boots, but at £7.99..I aways walk away and go for cheaper options.

    Now I can finally add some Essie polish's to my collection :)


    1. I know i was so excited when I found out they were so cheap on there as I had been wanting to try them for ages! :) xxx

  5. Gosh can't believe how cheap you found them compared to Boots prices. :D x


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