Thursday, 9 February 2012

Vaseline Cocoa Butter range.

"Cocoa Butter Vitalising Gel Body Oil, used after bathing, replenishes skin and locks in moisture for naturally radiant skin."

A few weeks ago whilst out shopping with my mum I spotted the Vaseline cocoa butter range; it was on offer 2 for 1 so we both decided to get one. I couldn't choose between the cocoa butter lotion or the cocoa butter gel oil, but in the end i went with the oil for a change because I've tried so many body butters before...big mistake! I wish I had gone with the body butter as the oil is far too greasy. It smells amazing (as most cocoa butter products do!) and is definitely highly moisturising, but I find it almost unbearable to apply as it's literally so greasy, and doesn't dry for hours, resulting in it sticking to clothes and all sorts. I'm a huge fan of most vaseline products but I definitely wouldn't try this again, if i was looking for an oil I would probably opt for Johnsons baby oil as it dries in much faster. I'd like to try the Vaseline cocoa butter lotion in future though as the range smells amazing! Has anyone tried any of the cocoa butter range? Do you prefer the oil / body butter? I would quite like to try this range next as it claims to 'deliver superior moisturisation' without leaving skin feeling too greasy!

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