Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Elf eyebrow kit.

My flatmate lucy got this little eyebrow kit from elf a while ago.(you can check it out here!) I started trying it out a couple of times last week and I was really impressed with it, so i went to buy one for myself but unfortunately they're sold out on the website. My flatmate has the eyebrow kit in 'ash' as she has blonde hair and fair eyebrows. The ash colour works for me too, however I find it to be a little too 'grey'. So I think when they come back in stock online I will get myself the 'light' colour instead as I prefer my eyebrows to be more of a brown colour! When I saw that the kit was out of stock on the elf website I decided to look on ebay for one, however there were none of the elf kits. I found an alternative by NYC (check it out here.) This arrived the other day and to be honest I'm not very impressed with it. I ordered the lightest shade 'blonde' but it doesn't really make any difference to my eyebrows when I apply it as it's such a light shade, so it was pretty much a write off. I'm still going to get an elf one as soon as they're back in stock, i also think they're very reasonably priced too at £3.50!

I'm really impressed with the elf eyebrow kit from the few times Ive used my flatmates. The gel is really easy to apply with the small angled brush and its easy to get the shape you want, then they powder sets the gel to keep the colour in place. Each time I've used it my eyebrows have looked perfect all day / night without any smudges or anything. I would recommend this eyebrow kit. Which other eyebrow products do people use? Any recommendations?

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  1. I use this elf eyebrow kit too and i LOVE it.. its the best i've ever used on my eyebrows. Would you take a look at my blog hun http://emmilaa.blogspot.com/ i only started a few days ago :) xx


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