Sunday, 4 November 2012

The Body shop Seaweed day cream.

I got this Seaweed Mattifying day cream from the Body Shop a couple of months back. I got it as it was on offer (something like spend £20 on skincare and get something free). I chose this moisturiser as I have oily / combination skin and the seaweed range targets that type of skin. However, when i first tried this i found it to be a bit too dry for my skin, even though I always like to have a matte finish. The middle of my forehead tends to get really dry (it's pretty annoying as that's the only part of my face that gets dry!) and i found that using this just made it worse and was really drying it out too much.. so i didn't really use it for the past couple of months. But i have actually started using it again recently and have been loving it! It's a gel like texture and soaks in really fast, and it always leaves my skin feeling so smooth.

I'm not sure why but it doesnt seem to be drying out my skin as much at the moment. But that might be because i have also been using the Body shop Vitamin E moisture mask but only on my forehead where my skin is dry, to give it some moisture. I don't use this daily or anything though just when my skin is feeling particularly dry.. usually about once or twice a week. So i think this helps a lot when using the mattifying day cream as then my forehead doesn't get really dry! It's a bit of an odd combination using mositurisers for oily and dry skin at the same time but it seems to be working for me! It's such a pain having combination skin! i don't think moisturisers aimed at combination skin tend to do a very good job of controlling shine but also moisturising the dry parts, in my opinion they don't anyway.. maybe I'm yet to find the perfect product ? So anyway I'll stop rambling now! i really like both of these products.. I'm keen to try out some other products from the seaweed range now too. I think it works well with my skin type.. and i really like mattifying products as I absolutely can't stand looking shiny!


  1. I really want to try this, it sounds really good! xx

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