Tuesday, 31 January 2012

This week in food.

Went for a meal last week for my boyfriend's graduation, we went with all his family to a pub / restaurant called the midway. The food was so good! I had a prawn cocktail starter, a chicken, bacon and brie burger with homemade wedges for my main, and a sticky toffee pudding with ice cream for my dessert. It was all so yummy i can't wait to go again!

Went to nandos with my friend amy after work on sunday for a little catch up. I've not seen her on my own for a while so that was nice! Also i wanted to go as it was the last day before my health kick so I needed my last coke fix! I miss fizzy drinks already!! :( 

So today me and my flatmate Lucy started our healthy eating plan, we've got set meals for each day all planned out and we went and did a big food shop today after uni :) managed to get everything on the list and it's mostly fruit and veg! No fizzy drinks / chocolate / general bad stuff allowed! We're doing well (one day in..) haha! I will keep you updated on whether that actually continues.


  1. So much good food! I'm trying to eat more healthy too but already struggling!xxx

    1. Its going okay for us so far.. But i seem to feel hungry like all the time which is odd! I suppose its okay to have a treat once in a while though! :) xxxx

  2. mmh it looks so good!

    Like ur Blog!



  3. Nandos humus with peri peri is my absolute favourite!!

    The Fashion Skeleton!


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