Thursday, 23 August 2012


This month, I decided to sign up to Glossybox. I had been contemplating signing up for a while now after hearing about glossybox through other people's blogs / twitter etc! I'm so happy i decided to, as i absolutely love my first box! I'm sure I won't always be quite as happy with what I recieve in my boxes but this month has definitely pleased me. I was really happy to receive a 'Lipcote' as I have wanted to try this product for years! Also, i absolutely adore the 'nail brightener' it stops my nails from looking dull / yellow and just makes them look so much brighter and healthier! I think Glossybox is a good way of trying out new products, and despite the argument that I have more than enough beauty products and I don't really need the majority of the things I will receive, I think its definitely worth the £10 per box. The only product in the box I wasn't particularly enthralled about it the eye shadow, I can't really see myself using it as I already have a palette I use daily, and none of these colours appeal to me that much anyway. 


  1. oo I really like the look of that eye shadow palette xxx

  2. i am in looove with glossybox. :D

    xx m


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