Sunday, 23 September 2012

Aveeno Skin Relief Lotion

I picked this up a couple of months back from Morrisons as it was on offer at half price. It's usually about £5.99 but it was like £2.40 ish. So i decided to try it out as my skin had been quite itchy and irritated around that time and I was looking for a moisturiser specifically aimed at irritated skin! This is the Aveeno website, I would have included a link to this particular product but for some reason I couldn't find it on the site (I'm probably just being an idiot!). 

The product is really thick and creamy which I love, and also it soaks in really well without being greasy at all. It feels amazing on the skin and so moisturising. It's definitely the best one I've tried in a while. It says it contains 'triple oat complex', and I think this is reflected in the smell of the lotion, as it smells pretty much like oats to me! It's not a bad smell but it's not a particularly nice one either... but it's not a really harsh, strong scent so it doesn't really bother me! I would recommend trying this if you have irritated, sensitive, dry or itchy skin, as it's really moisturising. It's great to use on your legs after shaving too, sometimes I find that scented moisturisers can irritate my skin especially after shaving! Have you tried this? or any of the Aveeno range? I definitely want to try other products in their range as I was very happy with this!


  1. i love aveeno creams, they work so well!- oa

  2. I love the smell of oats, I might have to pick this up when I run out of my lush ones!


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