Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Clinique Deep Comfort Body Moisture

Clinique deep comfort body moisture - £18
This is the newest addition to my ever growing collection of moisturisers (I definitely have an addiction!). I generally really like Clinique products that I have previously tried, and this seemed like it would be super moisturising for dry skin. Clinique deep comfort body moisture is described on the website as 'an intensely rich and creamy body moisturiser that provides even the driest skin with relief and moisturisation'. I definitely think it lives up to this claim, it provides my skin with instant relief and my skin feels softer and just generally in better condition after using it. The moisturiser has a slight scent, I wouldn't describe it as unpleasant but it isn't neccesarily a nice smell either!

However, i think it is overpriced at £18 -  I got it at half this price thanks to my friend who works in duty free at the airport (this comes in very handy for the likes of me who is obsessed with trying new products). I definitely wouldn't ever pay full price for this as I feel there are much cheaper alternatives that are pretty much just as good, and although I do like Clinique products i feel that they are all way overpriced! Does anyone else think this? 

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