Friday, 7 September 2012

Rescue Oil vs Bio Oil

I recently purchased some Bio Oil but I found that I haven't been using it very much due to it being SO oily. This may seem like a ridiculous thing to say because obviously an 'oil' is going to be oily, but it just completely put me off using it as I found it wasn't soaking in - it just felt too greasy on my skin and I hate that feeling! So yesterday I ended up swapping with my mum as she had a bottle of Rescue Oil, (available to buy here.) and she told me it wasn't as greasy and soaked in a lot faster. I'd vaguely heard of Rescue oil before but I assumed it was pretty much just the same but a slightly cheaper 'knock off' version. 

After trying the Rescue oil last night and today, I definitely prefer it! It soaks in so much faster and is nowhere near as greasy. I was even able to use it on my face, which I wouldn't have dreamed of doing with Bio oil. After a couple of minutes of applying it my skin didn't even feel greasy whereas with Bio oil it felt greasy for hours! I can tell I will get a lot more use out of this product! I'm thinking of trying 'adding a couple of drops to a running bath' like it suggests on the bottle! Have you tried Bio oil and / or Rescue oil? Do you have a preference?

Edit: I actually saw Rescue Oil today in a pound shop for only £1! Absolute bargain!

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