Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Top 3 Glitter nail polishes

Rimmel London rock your colour Glitter top coat in 'Disco Gold' - £4.59 Boots 

Models Own glitter polish in 'Pink Fizz' - £5.00 -link

Technic Nail varnish in 'Carnival' - 99p Bodycare -Alternative link

I thought I would do a post on my favourite glitter nail polishes, and these made the top three! I'll start with the Rimmel glitter top coat. This is the newest glitter polish in my collection, but I can definitely say it's my favourite! It's quite subtle compared to most glitters, however you can build up the amount by applying an extra coat or two. I love the mix of gold and silver sparkles, it's different from other glitter polishes I've tried. I think it goes with pretty much any colour, which makes it the perfect top coat. I've used it as my top coat pretty much constantly since buying it! Defnitely recommend this one!

Now, the Models own glitter polish. I wanted this exact colour for so long, but it seemed to have been discontinued in shops (I'm not sure if it's back again now?), anyway i ended up buying it on ebay and it cost me about £8.00 which is quite steep as they're supposed to be £5.00 but I paid it because I really wanted it. I really love this colour, but it's honestly the hardest nail polish to remove EVER. I remember spending about 40 minutes trying to remove it once, and I think even then I resorted to picking bits off. This is something that really bugs me about glitter polishes; this is also something that stops me from wearing this particular polish as much as I'd like because it's such a bitch to remove! But as far as the actual colour itself, I love it!

Finally, Technic 'Carnival'. I heard a lot about this earlier this year, as it's a dupe for OPI's Rainbow connection. I wasn't willing to pay £14+ for that so when I saw this Technic version for only 99p I immediately grabbed about six bottles! I love this polish, it goes so well with almost any colour, although I think it looks best with either dark colours like navy or black, or nude colours! I won't go into too much detail about this one as Ive mentioned it previously, and I'm sure a lot of you have already heard a lot about it! But it's definitely one of my favourites, i love how bright and multicoloured it is and it looks great on! Right I think thats enough now, this is probably the longest post I've done! What are your favourite glitter nail polishes? I'd love to hear some recommendations as I'm always looking to try more!

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  1. great post! the model's own polish looks lovely!



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