Thursday, 5 April 2012

Garnier Comforting cleansing milk.

I've been using this Garnier simply essentials comforting cleansing milk for around 3weeks now and I really like it as its so kind to my skin, there is never any irritation at all, and it successfully removes all traces of makeup! I usually use about three cotton wool pads when applying the cleanser, one for each of my eyes to remove all eye makeup, and then one for the rest of my face to remove all traces. It has a slight scent but nothing too harsh and uses 'soothing water lily extract', it claims to be suitable for very sensitive skin and i would agree, although my skin isn't overly sensitive it can become irritated, especially around the eye area when I am removing a lot of eye makeup. 

Overall I'm impressed with this product, and it's not expensive at all (I think i picked it up for around £1.99 but that may have been an offer!) I've been using it in conjunction with Simple soothing facial toner and my beloved Clinique dramatically different moisturising gel!


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