Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Life updates.

Thought I'd do a post with a few random photos in showing what Ive been up to recently. It's nothing exciting at all as I lead a really boring life but I wanted to branch out from only doing reviews etc! Sorry that they're instagram photos therefore fairly rubbish quality but here you go:

Rainbow glitter nails
Nandos with mummy
Boyfriend's catttt
Films with the boyfriend
Out for my best friend's birthday, all my fave girls <3

BBQ times :)
Sign my flatmate brought me back from America
My beaut new dress <3
Just because i like this top haha

So yeah, as you can see i haven't been doing much exciting at all! Had a very very boring Easter weekend! booo! In love with my new dress though might possibly do an outfit post when it arrives. I really need an event to wear it to though! :)


  1. love the nails and cute kitty :)

  2. Looks like you had a lovely easter weekend! love the pink dress! xoxo


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