Saturday, 28 April 2012

Union Jack nails.

Union Jack glue on false nails - Primark £1.00

I spotted these in Primark last week and grabbed them straightaway to try as they were only £1.00! They were not the best quality but I kept them on for around 3 days. I was still impressed as I wouldnt expect high quality when only paying a pound. The glue that comes with the nails is very high strength and similar to glues I have used with previous glue on nails. This helped them to stay on and over the course of three days they never started to feel loose. The only problem was that they were not very thick quality, therefore became a little bendy and feel like they might break. Overall, for the price, I was impressed. There are 24 nails in the box so I will be able to wear them again too, definitely worth £1! I got a lot of compliments when wearing them and people couldnt believe they were from Primark! What do you think of them? :)


  1. oh my god they are too cute, I must get some for the jubilee haha! xxx


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