Sunday, 22 April 2012

Week in photos.

Basically my week in photos! Sorry if you follow my instagram and have already seen all of these but doing a post like this is just the easiest way of sharing photos! My week has involved spending a lot of money (almost £400 in total oops!) but its been a good week! Handed in my dissertation after what feels like months (maybe because it has been...), went out twice, and basically did a lot of shopping. Also made a potentially life changing decision but I'm keeping that under wraps for now! 

From top left; graze box, lots of packages for me, trying out my new heated rollers, boyfriend's new memory foam bed, bop it!, celebratory dissertation-hand-in lunch, friday night at 42s, my finished dissertation!!, yogberries, shisha at sugar buddha, roast dinner, night out with channelle, union jack nails, strawberry and lime cider mm, makeup haul, friday's outfit (new asymmetric skirt!).


  1. so cute! how do you get this whole instagram grid thing onto your blog? it looks so good xoxoxo

    1. this is how to make the instagram picture x

  2. Those union jack nails look sooooo good. Congrats on getting your dissertation all done - isn't it the best feeling ever!



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