Saturday, 21 April 2012

Sunkissed Sunlight bronze instant tanning mousse

Just a quick post to review my new favourite fake tan! I picked this up from Bodycare the other day for £2.49 which is pretty cheap compared to a lot of other tans. It's similar to the St Moriz mousse which i use quite often but I've gone off it a bit recently. I found the texture of this better than any other mousse tan I've tried before and it didnt leave streaks. It also smells nicer than a lot of other fake tans i have used before. So yeah i just wanted to recommend it to you all, it's definitely worth a try for the price! It can be used as an instant tan which is handy or it can be built up over a few applications. Has anyone else used this? What are your thoughts?


  1. I have never heard of this. I just recently tried out Fake Bake Flawless and I love it. :)

    1. I had never heard of this before but my friend recommended it it's really good! xx

  2. why do you do this to me jess?! haha. stop posting bodycare products that i want to try when my nearest bodycare is mooches away! .. think it's time to brave public transport again!



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